Friday, July 1, 2011

LCD TV Sharp Aquos LC-65XS1M 65" Full HD

We all know that size matters, but the Sharp AQUOS LC-65XS1M are in a league of its own to rival the LCD panel plasma counterparts in sheer screen real estate. The tradeoff is a whopping $ 32,999 sticker price of S, although users will be able to enjoy in the black, belongs to the LED-backlit technology and functions that are highly sought after local dimming. If you have a pocket and room for a giant screen, here's a quick rundown of the pros and cons to this mainstay of Japan's main 65-incher.

At just 60.4mm thick, this AQUOS is easily one of the mega-sized TVs slim despite featuring an LED-backlit LCD panels are more conventional. To improve the quality of the picture, it employs a tri-color RGB LEDs and local dimming function. The former model made it possible to display colors exceeds 150 percent of the NTSC video standard, while the second allows the segmented screen backlighting for enhanced contrast and black levels. Another addon primary visual performance is a technology that employs 100Hz Fine Motion Advanced frame interpolation processing to minimize blur.

In the audio department, Sharp has equipped LC-65XS1M with detachable sound bar and subwoofer integrated. It should comfortably cover the entire spectrum of sound, especially for bass faithfully reproduce movie soundtracks aggressive. There are many resources available to go around, as well as the speaker amplifier is driven by powerful yet efficient 30W digital grease to prevent distortion. Last but not least, the onboard optical audio output can be used for TV channels to external home theater sound and digital hi-fi systems to improve sound quality for audiophiles.

At S $ 32,999 sets, we expect better connectivity options and value-added features such as Integrated Digital TV (IDTV). In this sense, this is Sharp's three HDMI inputs on the back of the current standard of four ports using high-end entry. It's also embarrassing 65XS1M LC-USB port only supports JPEG playback out-of-the-box, less video compatibility to the popular DivX and MPEG file formats. To maintain the slim form factor of the panel, some additional electronics are relegated to an external media receiver that takes a lot of extra space.

On paper, the Sharp LC-65XS1M offers an impressive suite of audio-visual capabilities that set it apart from its competitors. We're just a little disappointed with the rather humble offerings in other areas that warrant some room for improvement. However, if you are the source for TVs 55 inches above the mega, it is about one of several options in addition to 65-inch plasma panels in Asia.

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