Thursday, July 7, 2011

Apple iPad 3 may be present in the year 2012

in 2012, chances are we will see the emergence of the iPad 3, and new development of Android and WebOS tablets. If Microsoft is able to present interesting tablet device during a period of one and a half years from now, the possibility that the time oeprasi Android and WebOS system already has an operating system that is much better than now, and it is clear that there is no guarantee for users to switch to the Microsoft platform.

In January, Microsoft has announced that the next of the Widows operating system will use the ARM platform in addition to using traditional systems x86 chipset. The new ARM-based system will become part of the trend towards "System on a Chip" architecture that combines CPU, graphics processing unit, memory, functions and input / output for enhanced reliability, lower power consumption and wider applications in various devices.

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