Monday, June 27, 2011

Apple iPhone 4 Review

Apple iPhone mobile world is no longer Superman, despite all the hoopla, the lines and luxury. Each operator now has (or will have) at least one comparable superphone Android to iPhone 4, such as EVO 4G Sprint, T-Mobile Google's Nexus, the upcoming X Droid from Verizon on July 15, and Samsung Galaxy S from both AT & T or T- Mobile later this summer. Plus, four also had to compete with the iPhone 3G's lower price, which can also run the new-and-improved multi-tasking operating system IOS 4.
The question really is whether the four iPhone is a phone, the new cool - it. FaceTime its video chat interesting and fun, high-resolution screen is a salve for squinters retina, 5-megapixel camera is superb. But the iPhone 4 also suffers from a few niggling problems, now that you have many choices superphone, making it less than it could have been.

Design and Layout

Apple touts the iPhone 4 as the slimmest smartphone ever. This is misleading. IPhone 4 thick around the edges than the actual 3G tapered, so it feels thicker. And rear glass is slipperier than 3G S. plastic
IPhone 4 is slightly smaller across than the 3G and the same weight, but thanks to the metal band around and the windshield and rear, it feels more solid. It is also a square rather than tapered 3G, which means form-fitting skin will not fit (they will be too small), and the top frame by hearing aids have sharp edges, which means the iPhone naked four held tight to the ear will feel sharp and
uncomfortable .
Control 4 iPhone and jacks remain in the same place, but the volume control button and the home needs a touch more assertive, which eliminates accidental pressing.

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